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  • Smell the freshly baked goodness
  • Hear the sounds of baking
  • Taste the deliciously soft breads
  • Feel special with our bread treats
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Help us give you a delightful plant tour experience by  observing some of the guidelines below:

  1. Comply with PEZA traffic rules and parking restrictions.
  2. Disallow students, parents, guardians and teachers to disembark the bus / vehicle when there is no instruction from the plant tour crew.
  3. Plant tour crew to determine accommodation for unscheduled and / or behind schedule plant tours.
  4. Follow the tour route prescribed by GARDENIA.
  5. Wear the hairnet supplied by GARDENIA when necessary.
  6. Wear proper attire prescribed by GARDENIA: Sleeveless and open shoes are not allowed inside the factory.
  7. Smoking is prohibited inside the plant; there are designated smoking areas outside GARDENIA.
  8. Spitting, loitering, urinating on the walkway, street, sidewalk, and anywhere inside the plant, is prohibited.
  9. Turn-off cellphones inside the factory.
  10. Taking of photos / videos inside the plant is not allowed.


Ever wonder

How we make our bread yummy, soft, nutritious, and smell so good? We’re more than happy to share this with YOU! Fill out the form below and we will contact you.

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