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The G-Wellness Team (formerly known as Nutrition & Wellness Team) of Gardenia Bakeries Philippines, Inc was established on November 2008. The team’s primary goal is to promote good nutrition and help our fellow Filipinos achieve complete wellness through proper diet and healthy lifestyle. The team is composed of four Registered Nutritionist Dieticians and one Culinary Specialist who work hand in hand to plan and execute programs that are relevant to our country’s current nutritional status.

Each program is specifically designed to cater to each generation of Filipinos. For the working class, the team conducts Corporate Wellness Movement wherein employees are given the chance to avail of the free one-on-one nutrition counselling. This is in partnership with various brokers and health maintenance organizations (HMO). In order to reach out to the general public, the team also conducts Supermarket Wellness Camp in different areas in Metro Manila as well as the nearby provinces. For the school age children, the G-Wellness Team conducts School Nutri-Tour wherein the children are given lecture on proper nutrition and the importance of eating breakfast. The team also caters to the Gardenia Plant tour visitors through Bread Treats and recipe demonstration led by Gardenia’s very own Culinary Specialist. Lastly, the team also handles partnerships with several distinguished organizations for Event Sponsorships.

Through these activities, the G-Wellness Team is striving to aid in educating every Filipino about the importance of good nutrition for individual well-being and overall nation building.

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